Creation process

"Creation is a matter of imagination but it also requires a certain rational."

A piece of jewellery is born from a sketch. Starting with the stroke of a pen moving smoothly, it begins to take shape, becoming dynamic and projecting its lines. A key facet of Garel’s talent is the perfect synthesis of the creator’s imagination, sensitivity to jewellery trends, and fashion inspiration, promising that each sketch is a made to women’s desires.

Inspired by latest trends and tendencies, the creations are also influenced by life and women’s tastes, embodying sensuality, purity, courage and rigor.

From the drawing table to the workshop, the transition is seamless. The artisans are also artists and share the same demand for perfection.

From the pencil to the workshop

The sketch of the creator is placed in the hands of expert technical teams. The teams then turn the sketches into wax reproductions before covering them in silver to create a prototype. From here, the jewellery can enter the workshop.

Birth of the jewellery

The best artisans combine their talents to produce the wax model of the jewellery which will be used to make imprints inthe mold. The “wax pattern tree” is then dipped into molten gold, as the jewellery is made of a premium alloy to ensure constant, optimal quality.

The essence reveals itself…

From the raw material, the gold of the jewellery awakens in the artisans attentive hands and embodies its beauty and brilliance after a process of delicate steps. The artisans use their precision tools to refine, smooth, and pre-polish the gold, before continuing with a series of operations, each more precise, meticulous and delicate than the one before.

The prong-setting

Fine jewellery is the art of fixing gemstones on a piece of jewellery and fusing them together for maximum brilliance.

Garel’spassion for stones ensures that each gemstone has the finest appearance when set in the prongs. After being checked, calibrated, and then matched for the set, the stones are placed very carefully into their setting. This attention to detail adds to their radiance.

The signature, the guarantee of excellence

The jewellery then goes through the rigorous control step essential to get the guarantee of excellence signed by the sponsor’s and state’s hallmarking punch.

Each piece of jewellery is then laser-engraved with the Garel signature, the mark of excellence.

Garel jewellery always comes with their international warranty card, guaranteeing flawless quality that will last a life time.